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Welcome to the Paphos Running Club

Hi everyone and welcome to the Paphos Running Club. It is a small and friendly club suitable for all ages and abilities. We have elite runners, fun runners, new runners and old runners! There is always someone available to offer help and advice on training, injuries, nutrition and a range of other running related topics.

We have training sessions most days of the week. If you are new to running or have not run for some time, we have a 'Beginners Run' every Tuesday evening. On other days we have tempo runs, endurance training, fartlek, etc. We also develop individual training programs to prepare our runners for specific events. If that all sounds a bit serious don’t worry, it isn’t. We do things as professionally as we can but we don’t take ourselves seriously, basically we want to enjoy getting and staying fit!

Our Weekly Schedule is designed to improve our individual running styles and stamina, commensurate with our age and commitment. We run 5 times each week, and they take place in the early mornings or in the evenings, including week-ends, to suit everyone. We have a mixture of training routes, running along quiet roads and in the hillsides, along the beaches and in the surrounding villages.

If you want to know what our weekly schedule looks like, then select the month when you will be in Paphos from the calendar below, you will be directed to our indicative schedule. Although our runs are planned in advance, they do change from time to time, and if you want to know what our actual schedule is this month, then click on the Download Current Schedule button below.

These give us a good basis for the many and varied races in and around Paphos. Our focus in the autumn is on the Cyprus 4-day Challenge held in November and in the spring on the 10km half and full marathons around Cyprus. Some of our members are training to race in marathons outside Cyprus. So, if you’re thinking of holidaying over here, or live here in Paphos, then come along and join us for a few runs. Get to know the friendly characters that make up our club and consider becoming a member. We are now sponsored by Hydro Jet Cy Ltd and here is a photo of us wearing our new running vests in our new corporate colours.

Καλωσορίζουμε δρομείς απο όλες τις εθνικότητες.

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