Walking Group

On the 17th January 2020 16 people set out from the fishing harbour of St George’s for an 8k circular walk followed by lunch at Anesi.

Since that first walk, many more walks have followed. Some of us are runners who also like to take it easy at times, some of us have been runners in the past and some of us just like walking.

What we all have in common is the love for walking in the Cypriot country side, enjoying spectacular views and socializing with like minded people of all ages. The walks are always followed by a lunch. We usually walk with around 20 people.

Some walks are easy and flat, others will be more challenging with hills and uneven tracks. The walks are graded from 1 to 4/5 and are usually between 5 to 8 km. But we always take our time while walking so we can enjoy the views and take photos.

If you feel that our walking group might be something for you, you are most welcome to try it out and join us for a walk.

To get in contact, email Sue Currie and Truus Shannon or join Paphos Running Club Walking Group on Facebook.